Jyoti Puri


  • Useful Guidelines for Contributing to a Project Managed Using GIT.

    GIT is a popular and powerful open source version control system. In many respects it is ideal VCS if you are working in project with medium to large team size. These are a couple of useful guidelines for you if you are contributing in a project using GIT as VCS:

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  • Handling timeout issues with AngularJS and Spring Security

    I am working on a web application with frontend structured in a complicated way. To start with let me give you some idea of its structure. The application was originally developed using Spring at backend and GWT at frontend. The application also communicated with some third party tools and show their results on UI, results from these third party tools come in the form of HTML fragments which were then displayed using iframes.

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  • AngularJS – Role based access on GUI

    These days we are busy in coding for frontend in our application and we are primarily using angular for that. A recent requirement was for role based access on GUI. A person can have multiple roles assigned to him and it was needed that a he should be able to access only that portions of GUI for which he is authorized.

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  • Javascript's Promise

    This blog is about Javascript’s Promise Object. Writing asynchronous functions with complex callbacks can at times result in lot of boilerplate and ugly code. Javascript Promise give the promise to simplify these.

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  • jQuery Data API

    How many times has it happened with you that on your view page you need to associate some data values with a UI component like Dropdown or Checkbox, a possible solution in such cases is to keep data in hidden variables in the HTML or in variable in JavaScript.

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