Jyoti Puri


  • Hibernate Auditing/ History Management with Envers

    Recently in our project we had requirement of keeping the history/ audit records of a group of related tables. While I was googling to find a good solution and design for the problem I came across Hibernate Envers.

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  • Polyglot Programming

    The dictionary meaning of Polyglot is Knowing or using several languages**. From this you can definitely guess the significance of term **Polyglot Programming, it is basically programming done using various different languages.

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  • Object Oriented Security.

    For making out applications more secure we generally make use of specialized separate code for security, some api, etc. But recently I came across this term Object Oriented Security. It is about using some good Object Oriented Design Patterns to make your software inherently more secure. I feel it is worth giving a look, when I look at the Cross Site Scripting security issue I see that credit to it goes to violations of some of the very basic OO Principles by JavaScript.

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  • History of programming languages.

    Software development has a very rich history we rarely actually look into it. It’s very interesting and I should say very important to know the history of what we are doing and how and why it all came into being. What we have today with us is actually not the best, but there were many factors responsible for making it what it is.

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